As part of a long-term initiative with Catch the MICE, EVENTIT has recently partnered with Incentli to utilise a motivational design strategy to drive community engagement.

Earlier this month EVENTIT launched their new Virtual Events Space on the Vii-Events Platform where they will be hosting a series of events for events professionals, providing a virtual event solution as part of their overall events strategy.

The platform incorporates a new and innovative method for driving delegate engagement, arguably the most crucial challenge for all virtual platforms over the past 2 years. Attendees are encouraged to perform certain tasks during their visit, such as booking meetings with exhibitors, downloading facts and information sheets, and actually engaging with sponsors. Such actions are rewarded; in this instance with EVENTIT coins. When a delegate collects coins they appear on a leader board and when enough coins are collected, the attendee can exchange these coins for actual tangible rewards, in this instance at the Coin Exchange within the EVENTIT Virtual Events Space.

Importantly, given the powerful analytics with the Vii-Events platform, the Coin Exchange doubles as an important lead generator for both exhibitors and sponsors. Although the initiative is in its early days, there are plans to also reward exhibitors to drive interaction across all events – thus making for a far more engaged eventsprof community.

Judith Wilson, Director of EVENTIT said, “We are so pleased to be able to introduce Incentli to our event professional community, the application on our platform is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are so many opportunities where it could be utilised to drive customer behaviour. Over the coming months, visitors to our Virtual Events Space will be able to enjoy the benefits of their engagement by exchanging EVENTIT Coins for tangible rewards, which can only be a good thing to help reconnect our Events Sector after such a challenging few years

Jeff Campbell, CEO and founder of Incentli said, “We are thrilled that EVENTIT chose Vii-Events, a virtual platform partner of ours and that we could collaborate with the team on this initiative. Catch the MICE have been fundamental in connecting us with our new friends in Scotland and we look forward to continuing our partnership long into the future”.

Stuart Mitchell, MD of Catch the MICE said “Gamification on virtual events platforms can often be gimmicky and a distraction to the main event, the Incentli offering actually directs delegate behaviour, which is fundamental to the success of any event and should be high on the agenda for any event planner. The inclusion of Incentli within the Vii-Events platform demonstrates the understanding and importance the team have regarding community engagement.

This article was originally published by Eventbase here.