Engage Your Audience With Incentli

Redeemable Coins

Skyrocket engagement by having attendees earn virtual coins for:

  • Registering
  • Friend referrals
  • Attending a session
  • Networking
  • Exhibitor engagement
  • …and more

“I think Incentli needs some of their own coins. They have knocked this game out of the ballpark.”


Conference attendee

Playful Incentives Store

Attendees redeem their coins for incentives.  Use raffle draws, auctions, and fundraisers to drive engagement to new heights!

  • Easy-to-use order management tools help get the incentives into the hands of attendees

“I have to say, this is the best thing ever!”


Conference attendee

Exhibitor Lead Capture

Give exhibitors another way to promote themselves by having them offer items and opportunities in the incentives store.

  • Exhibitors can manage their own incentives and reporting on the dashboard
  • Capture leads as attendees spend coins on the incentives

“Trying to collect coins has been so much fun and helped me get more involved this week.”


Conference attendee


Stoke the fires of competition between players and teams.

  • A competitive leaderboard allows players to compete head-to-head for the top spot
  • A collaborative leaderboard allows teams of attendees to compete against each other
  • Both leaderboards are resettable and can be embedded on any webpage

“Good motivator and reward tool. Really enjoying the interaction it is enticing me to do here.”


Conference attendee

Account Management

Segment attendees into teams which allows you to:

  • Connect certain exhibitor incentive stores to specific teams for improved targeting
  • Easily create accounts for your clients and give them access to manage everything on their own

“I have surprised myself with the difference in engagement.”


Conference attendee

More Features

Change coin icon and name to points, tokens, credits etc.

Open API allows attendees to earn coins for taking actions on other platforms

Set coin expiry dates

Event Gamification Booster

Download the Event Gamification Booster

Add gamification to boost registrations, engage your audience and skyrocket exhibitor ROI