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500 user minimum

1 Incentive Store

12 Incentives

30 day access




500 user minimum

15 Exhibitor Incentive Stores

5 Incentives Per Store

30 day access


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Exhibitor Incentive Stores

Open API


How are virtual coins earned?

Virtual coins are earned based on the user-actions that you want to encourage. Using our API and Zapier, players can earn coins for actions on other platforms.

How are active users defined?

  • Any user that exists on the Incentli dashboard counts as an active user.
  • Users arrive on Incentli from a connected platform when they earn coins for the first time.
  • You can remove and replace users on our dashboard or with our API.

Which platforms do you work with?

Check our Partners page to see which platforms have existing integrations.

Our open API allows Incentli to work with any platform. You just need to do a few things on your side:

  1. Authenticate users and link to our incentives store (iframe).
  2. Create a set of rules for adding coins to a user.
  3. Then use our dashboard, store, and order methods!


What are exhibitor incentive stores?

Each exhibitor or sponsor can offer and manage their incentives in their own store.  These stores are connected to one or more segments of attendees.  An attendee will view a collection of exhibitor stores and can choose which incentives they want to buy.  Each exhibitor can access their store data to manage orders and capture leads.

Are accounts white-labeled?

Yes.  Incentli is embedded as an IFrame in your platform.

Can you change “coins” to points or tokens?

Yes! The coins are simply a placeholder. We have clients that use the name points, tokens, credits, and more. We encourage clients to use their own currency icon.

Is Incentli available in other languages?

Yes! It’s available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Greek, Russian, and it’s easy to add more.

We need an LMS too.  Can you help?

Yes.  We offer and support a number of different LMS’s depending on your needs.  We can tie them together with Incentli and offer a seamless user experience.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe and direct invoicing.

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