Pricing Plans

Choose from one of our flexible plans


Up to 25K users

Unlimited unique accounts
Unlimited sub-accounts
Unlimited dashboard users


25 – 50k users

Unlimited unique accounts
Unlimited sub-accounts
Unlimited dashboard users


Custom Pricing

Lots of user spaces


How is virtual currency earned?

Virtual currency is earned based on the user-actions on your platform that you want to encourage. Using our API, you create the rules and set the value for each action.

How are active Users Defined?

  • Any user that exists on our platform counts as an active user.
  • You can remove and replace users with our API.
  • Users on the platform for less than a month are counted as active for that month.

Which platforms do you work with?

Our open API allows Incentli to work with any platform. You just need to do a few things on your side:

  1. Create a wallet with a link to our rewards store.
  2. Create a set of rules for adding coins to a user.
  3. Then use our dashboard, store, and redemption methods!

Is Incentli available in other languages?

Yes! It’s available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Greek, Russian, and it’s easy to add more.

Are accounts white-labeled?

Yes, each account can have its own unique logo. We can also offer custom URL’s for our dashboard, store, and redemption pages.

What are accounts and sub-accounts?

An account is a unique instance of Incentli. For example, if you are an event platform, you can create unique Incentli accounts for each of your clients.

A sub-account is a unique rewards store connected to a unique group of users within an account.

Your clients can be assigned to each account/sub-account to manage on their own.

Can you change “coins” to points or tokens?

Yes! The coins are simply a placeholder. We have clients that use the name points, tokens, credits, and more. We encourage clients to use their own currency icon.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe and direct invoicing.

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